Land Use Operations and Services During COVID-19 Outbreak

Land Use Department Operations

  • Zoning Permit and Land Use Board Application submittal assistance is available via phone or video conferencing with Eric Trott (, Director of Planning & Development, and Mark Landolina (, Assistant Planner & Zoning Enforcement Officer.
  • The Land Use Permit Technician, Heidi Leech, is available for general permitting and Land Use questions at
  • Zoning inspection services will continue for exterior inspections only. Appropriate social distancing and maximum group limits will be applied.
  • Zoning Permits and payments may be submitted by visiting the Application Center we have set up in the glass vestibule on the west side of the Town Office Building.  Building and Land Use permit application forms, as well as all Land Use Board applications (PZC, ZBA, IWA) can be found here.  Permit applications may be submitted in the In Box on the table and payments submitted in the locked Drop Box.  Please do not leave payments with applications.  Always submit your checks and cash (put cash in a sealed envelope) in the locked Drop Box on the wall.
  • Continued development of the Land Use Department’s ‘Virtual Counter Service’ will occur with improvement to and expansion of information on the the Department page on the Town website.
  • General Land Use inquiries via phone, email and mail will continue to be responded to in a timely manner. Staff will assist with individual street and other land use file reviews when requested to provide specific information. Video conferencing can be utilized to improve service.
  • Public access and involvement with Land Use Board public meetings will be facilitated by utilizing the Zoom video conferencing platform. Guidance and direction will be forthcoming on the Town website on how to participate.
  • Zoning and Blight enforcement will be carefully considered during this time to insure fairness, appropriate response to extenuating circumstances and respect for life situations. In some cases, Staff may choose to delay action on such matters.
  • Ongoing office projects will continue to be facilitated, such as the following: Regional Economic Development Vitality Action Plan, Plan of Conservation and Development update, Caprilands Request for Proposals and adaptive re-use, Coventry Affordable Housing Plan Grant preparation to the State of CT Department of Housing, small business support services, Senior Housing Alternatives Study Committee, Nathan Hale Greenway next steps, streamlining and functional improvements to the Zoning Regulations, open space recreational trail mapping development.
  • The Coventry Farmers’ Market is anticipated to be open this summer. Applications for full time vendors are currently being accepted and reviewed by both the Farmers’ Market Staff and Eastern Highlands Health District Staff. We will continue to monitor and respond to the ongoing updates and changes that occur in response to the Covid 19 situation that may affect the Market operation.
  • Planning continues for the the Arts on Main Street Festival on August 22. We will continue to monitor and respond to the ongoing updates and changes that occur in response to the Covid 19 situation that may affect the Festival.

Questions from the public and community at large are always welcome. Ideas on how we can continue to respond to the community’s needs during this difficult time are encouraged as well.  The Land Use Office can be reached at 860-742-4062.