Building Department

Apply online! As of December 2020, we encourage all applicants to use the newly enhanced online permitting system for their permit submissions.  See Apply for a Permit in the left side bar for more details. 

Other Online permitting:

Applying to the Land Use Department for Zoning, Wetland, or Planning approvals that are associated to a submittal to the Building department (click on the following link and Select Zoning)...

Applying to the Eastern Highland Health District for permitting that is associated to a submittal to the Building or Land Use departments (click on the following link)...


The Building Department provides several services, some of which require a form or permit. The following documents are available:


Building / mechanical permit$15 per $1,000 of materials and labor (includes state fee)
Moving of building$15 per $1,000 of labor (includes state fee)
Demolition$15 per $1,000 of assessed value of the structure (Minimum fee of $15, maximum fee of $150)
Solid fuel stove, gas, or liquid inserts$30 without chimney work (no liner, existing)
$45 with chimney work (liner or listed chimney system)
Repeat inspections / returned visits$25

When submitting a payment, please make checks payable to the Town of Coventry.