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More History
Learn More About Our Past

  • Bicentennial Program
    An interesting look at the program for the bicentennial celebration of 1912, including photos, poetry, and a brief history of the town.
  • Boynton's Mill
    brief history of the Boynton Mill Complex in Coventry.
  • Coventry History - John Scarchuk
    history of the Town of Coventry published by long time resident, John Scarchuk in 1995.
  • Map of Coventry Mills
    map of the location of historical mills in Coventry and thumbnail histories of each parcel.
  • The Coventry Manufacturing Company
    brief history of this company that made cotton shirting, from the early 1800s.
  • Paper Mills of Coventry
    brief history of paper making in the early 1800s.
  • The South Coventry Water Supply Company
    The 107-year history of this company that served Coventry Village.
  • Coventry's Wool Hat Industry
    Coventry made wool hats for trading in the mid 1800s.
  • Lake Wangumbaug Residential Development
    Learn about early residential development around the lake.
  • Early Coventry Borders
    See how Coventry's borders were established.
  • Early Coventry Gas Stations
    Automobiles started appearing in Coventry in the early 1900s, along with gas stations to service them.     
  • Early Hotels & Taverns
    See how the hospitality industry evolved in town.   
  • The National Silk Company
    This company made the famous Tioga Yarn at mills on Mason Street and Armstrong Road.
  • Student History Projects
    Information complied on Coventry and the surrounding area by students and teachers in the local school systems.
  • Coventry History Brief
    Read a brief history written by Stephanie Summers.
  • Notes on the Early History of Coventry - compiled by John Porter from notes made by
    Marvin Root and others.

    From the CT State Library's collection. Presented by Helen Malone in 1948. See the book here.